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Friday, March 11, 2011

Real Fake

it is a materialistic...hedonistic world that we live in

where you are deemed cool by the money in your wallet

by the clothes you wear and the places you hang out

by the company you the neighborhood you live in

you try REAL hard putting up live your life FAKE

maintaining an expensive lifestyle...trying to keep up with the Jones'

constantly in rent arrears..lacking bus fare...can't pay the bills

but must be seen on the party scene...doing anything to fit in

dancing...not because you enjoy the music

but really out of the need to be seen

passing judgment on others yet you got your own flaws

with your many imperfections you think you are the epitome of perfection

you are not the sun...the world doesn't revolve around you

you see..unlike the sun you do not radiate warmth and light

you are cold and dark to those you say are not in your class

you've got class...acting class..where they teach you how to fake it

to put pretentious...insincere...dishonest

take a long hard look at yourself...look at what you've become

manipulative...cold hearted...self centered

maybe if you humbled yourself...swallowed your pride

and got rid of your air of self importance and arrogance

got to see the world through the eyes of others

you would really say how you feel...

you would be open about your situation

you wouldn't go through the motions

you wouldn't be a REAL FAKE

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Made in Eden

The Master of the Universe could have chosen seeds,
petri dishes or even magic, but He chose the miracle of you.
He could have continued His creation, the sleeping and
removing of ribs, but He made His future in you.

He chose man for life and woman for the continuation of
that man's life. You are the challenge to be cherished forevermore.
How God's man could live without you or even say that he could
do without you is beyond me and all sense of time.

You cannot . . . we cannot . . . I cannot be replaced,
displaced or mistaken for something that I am not
when we were broken down into numbers, formulas,
figures and phenomenon in a place called Heaven.

Centuries prove that we are the ones who brought
us here to stay. Had it not been for bodies like yours and mine
Adam's seed would have died in Eden, and who knows
what God's next idea would have been. Who knows?

But you were chosen for life, and you have given back
to the universe what was proposed. You have bridged
a gap. You have opened a door. You have created
life; four little letters became ten little fingers and toes.

It is a shady destiny to fulfill not knowing what the end
will be. It's a giving back to the Giver in hopes and prayers
that He will touch souls and direct paths.
Life is a troubled thing to bear, and we have borne it.

It's a simple reflection in a so-called complex world, and
why? We have taken the simple things and built mountains
that keep us from pressing on. The four-letter word has
been complicated, mistaken, halted and reformed by men.

A candle was lit in Eden. A circle was formed there, and
we are the most important means to something that never ends.
We shed the light of love by bringing miracles to life each time
we cross that predestined threshold of motherhood.

Perhaps it's why we think of flowers, fresh fruit and sweet smelling scents
when we think of mothers of sons and daughters. It's a beautiful
thought, but I really think it was all about Adam waking up from
a deep sleep and seeing before him the continuation of life.

He saw you. He saw me. He saw us
with all the glory God could give the world in a woman, the continuation
of life. I hope that he told God thank you. I hope that he
recognized woman as God's purpose for the promise of life.

You were chosen to bear a burden that only you could bear.
And you were chosen to hear words and cries that only you,
as a mother, could hear and respond to with your touch, your telling
and your tenderness of heart. You were made in Eden to last forever.