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Friday, November 12, 2010


Supposed to be the conscience of the nation
But how do we explain rich pastors and poor congregations
These days’ church and bible have drifted apart
We place more value on entertainment, edification, vilification
We prefer fire and brimstone to saving the souls of men
Can I hear you all in the congregation say amen!

What happened to the sole purpose…giving the soul purpose
These days’ we’re so confused by all these divergent views
It’s like the pastor’s decree is more powerful than God’s word
God’s word that told him to tell us that he needs a million bucks
A million bucks to buy a car to drive around
Drive around…to spread the word…God’s word? Or his word?

Dutifully we make our way to the sanctuary at our time of appointing
Seeking the anointing…but these days’ the anointing is on sale
On sale in three levels…bronze,silver and gold
Being sold in three levels with promises of financial breakthrough
Rich pastor…poor congregations suffering spiritual malnutrition
Can I hear you all in the congregation say amen!

Can I hear you all in the congregation say amen!
Pastor has the ability to give husbands to single women
What happened to dating,courting and women’s intuition?
What happened to trusting and obeying the word of the Lord?
What happened to saving the souls of men and spreading the gospel?
I wonder if they stop to ask themselves “What would Jesus do?”
Can I hear you all in the congregation say amen!

Monday, November 08, 2010

She's only ten years old...

she’s only ten years old
she’s only ten years old
let’s call her Alice
young girl so full of promise
every day she makes her way home
from the village school
a young man..twenty two years old
has been eyeing her
so one day he stops her
and buys her plenty of goodies
shameless man…sinister plot on his mind
he wins her trust and in no time
he gets her to visit his house
all civility is thrown out of the window
young man forces himself on little Alice
raping her over and over and over again
now she is pregnant…thrown out of school
young man is nowhere to be seen
she’s only ten years old…
she should be out there playing
but now she is going to be a mother
robbed of her innocence…
deprived of her childhood
her perception of men is changed forever
she’s only ten years old…

Mstari Wa Nne © 2010

Friday, November 05, 2010


I will love you daily…weekly
you are the very purpose of
my existence
this is bliss…I can’t deny
find myself wrapped in
thoughts of loving you
this is a feeling
that only the heart can explain

been in love before
but never this deep
probably you touched
a special part of me
I hope and pray to God
that you feel the same way
I see the look in your eyes
the smile in your face
this is divine love

thinking of you
with every passing moment
thanking you for all the love
that you have given to me
filled my life with so much hope
loving you is so satisfying
I am so glad you feel the same way too
I will love you daily…weekly

Mstari Wa Nne © 2010

Affluence and poverty

affluence and poverty
the story of our society
humility and arrogance
the tragic circumstance
of life in this part of the world
the leaders line their pockets
forget about their people

humbly you came to us
seeking to be a leader
overwhelmingly we chose you
off you went…forgot about us
busy fighting your own wars
living large…amassing wealth
your people struggle to stay alive

you used to be so friendly to us
but since you tasted power
you surround yourself with bodyguards
your goons manhandle the harmless people
coming to you in search of
much needed assistance

only concerned with looking after your own
your own friends…your own ego…your own interests
looking for ways of enlarging your powerbase
reluctant to speak out against social injustice
unwilling to empower your people and steer them
towards prosperity and it a surpirse
that affluence and poverty is the sad story of our society?
Mstari Wa Nne © 2010

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Odyessy by Edwin Alubaka

Pause for awhile,
think for a mimute,
move too first,
you might fall to your limit,'s a treasure,
you've got to plan with it,
up and down it takes you,
you've got to move with it,
your life........

Edwin Alubaka © 2010

I trust

Thinking the unthinkable

Dreaming the undreamable

Reaching the unreachable

I trust…

I trust…looking forward to getting what I don’t have

Waiting for that occasion that is still yet to happen

For if I trust…I believe…I learn patience…gain confidence

I grow…I know…

And with my spoken word and unspoken thoughts

I deal with my daily fears and my future worries

I trust…

That today is better than yesterday…

That tomorrow brings a bright, sunny day

Lonely hearts pair up in love…warring parties lay down their arms

Heathens see the light…corrupt leaders embrace integrity

Slam poetry ceases being sham poetry…scam poetry

And becomes more diverse...

Much more than having to rhyme at the end of each and every verse

That poets give us pieces that last more than just a season

Pen down pieces that fuse rhyme with reason

I trust…

I trust that you, you and you will not be caught by crises of confidence

Moral dilemmas…between a rock and a hard place…

That you opt to do the right thing...every time…all the time

I trust

Michael Kwambo/Mstari Wa Nne © 2010

Wednesday, November 03, 2010