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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mstari Wa Nne at Daniel Pearl World Music Day

The Mstari Wa Nne crew will be at the Daniel Pearl World Day of Music on Sunday 25 October 2009 at the Paa ya Paa Arts Center in Ridgeways.Sponsored by the United States Embassy.

TIME: 1.00pm


Paa Ya Paa Arts Centre Paa Ya Paa Lane, Off Ridgeways Road (entering from Kiambu Road)
Daniel Pearl World Music Day (DPWMD) – Harmony for Humanity
Daniel Pearl World Music Days uses the power of music to promote cross cultural understanding and inspire hope for our global community.
DPWMD was created in response to the 2002 kidnapping and murder of the Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl, at the hands of terrorists in Pakistan.
Danny’s family and friends came together to work towards a more humane world and formed the Daniel Pearl Foundation whose mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding through journalism, tolerance and dialogue.
Danny was also a talented musician who joined musical groups in every community in which he lived, leaving behind a long trail of musician-friends spanning the entire globe.
Since its inception DPWMD has brought together thousands of musicians from more than 77 countries using the language of music to work towards a hate-free world.

DPWMD at Paa Ya Paa will showcase original music, lyrics, poetry, stories, articles, art, and photography that reaffirm and intensify Daniel Pearl’s convictions that music, truth, honesty and dialogue can build bridges across cultural divides and help achieve international friendship.

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