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Friday, November 05, 2010

Affluence and poverty

affluence and poverty
the story of our society
humility and arrogance
the tragic circumstance
of life in this part of the world
the leaders line their pockets
forget about their people

humbly you came to us
seeking to be a leader
overwhelmingly we chose you
off you went…forgot about us
busy fighting your own wars
living large…amassing wealth
your people struggle to stay alive

you used to be so friendly to us
but since you tasted power
you surround yourself with bodyguards
your goons manhandle the harmless people
coming to you in search of
much needed assistance

only concerned with looking after your own
your own friends…your own ego…your own interests
looking for ways of enlarging your powerbase
reluctant to speak out against social injustice
unwilling to empower your people and steer them
towards prosperity and it a surpirse
that affluence and poverty is the sad story of our society?
Mstari Wa Nne © 2010

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