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Thursday, November 04, 2010

I trust

Thinking the unthinkable

Dreaming the undreamable

Reaching the unreachable

I trust…

I trust…looking forward to getting what I don’t have

Waiting for that occasion that is still yet to happen

For if I trust…I believe…I learn patience…gain confidence

I grow…I know…

And with my spoken word and unspoken thoughts

I deal with my daily fears and my future worries

I trust…

That today is better than yesterday…

That tomorrow brings a bright, sunny day

Lonely hearts pair up in love…warring parties lay down their arms

Heathens see the light…corrupt leaders embrace integrity

Slam poetry ceases being sham poetry…scam poetry

And becomes more diverse...

Much more than having to rhyme at the end of each and every verse

That poets give us pieces that last more than just a season

Pen down pieces that fuse rhyme with reason

I trust…

I trust that you, you and you will not be caught by crises of confidence

Moral dilemmas…between a rock and a hard place…

That you opt to do the right thing...every time…all the time

I trust

Michael Kwambo/Mstari Wa Nne © 2010

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