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Friday, February 25, 2011


Tired of all these wounds of love
that I inflicted on myself...holding on to you love
trying to make you see how much I love turned in to a war
I’ve never been one to let go…always believed in holding on
gaining my strength from trials, temptations and tribulations
being away from you my love…that’s too much for me
I no longer have a passion for the things I used to love
I’m gutted by thoughts of losing you
I'll be broken if I lose you
until time bring u home again
this is what I'll do
you see…when I’m alone…I sit in the house…all by myself

crying…these tears that I shed are the trail to bring you back to my heart
crying…they say a mans own tears can make him strong
crying…sitting around here…waiting for you to love me again

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